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Welcome to the home of LUPUS UK

LUPUS UK is the only national registered charity supporting people with systemic lupus and discoid lupus and assisting those approaching diagnosis. We presently have over 5500 Members and a number of Regional Groups around the UK who arrange medical talks, publish local newsletters, set up local occasions and organise fundraising events.

LUPUS UK also produces an informative national magazine with lupus articles, letters, reports, and photographs, and operates a strong Grant Programme for research purposes and welfare. If you would like an Information Pack you can request one by clicking the button below:

Living with lupus

Some People Say

  • “Most people are unaware of this mysterious condition. People should know how hard it is to live with it. I was diagnosed with SLE some time back, and my life hasn't been the same since.”

  • “My mom was diagnosed with lupus nearly 15 years ago! Every day is a challenge! We have our ups and downs. Thanks LUPUS UK for the work that you do!”

  • “LUPUS UK have helped me so much in my continual battle with lupus.”

  • “Contact LUPUS UK first to find out about the condition from those that know the facts; Books and random internet sites can just confuse the issue.”

  • "LUPUS UK has been a good source of information for me and my family over the last two years."

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