2.6 Challenge for LUPUS UK

2.6 Challenge for LUPUS UK

LUPUS UK are delighted to announce that our supporters can take on The 2.6 Challenge until 26th May 2020.

What is the 2.6 Challenge?

The 2.6 Challenge has been created by the organisers behind the London Marathon to allow people to raise much-needed funds for charities such as LUPUS UK who will miss out on a large amount of funding during this period due to cancelled or postponed events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To take part in the challenge all you need to do is undertake an activity which should revolve around the number 2.6 or 26.

There are no rules for this challenge, the only requirement is that activity must follow government guidelines on social distancing and exercise.

You can get as creative as you like in setting your challenge! Here are a few ideas below;

  • Run, jog or walk 2.6k
  • Bake 26 cupcakes, cookies, jam tarts or meringues
  • Cycle 2.6 or 26 miles 
  • Create 26 origami pieces 
  • Play fetch with your dog 26 times
  • Hold a pose for 26 seconds 26 times
  • Walk up and down the stairs 26 times
  • Do the plank for 2 minutes and 6 seconds
  • Knit a scarf 2.6 meters long
  • Do 26 minutes of dancing


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