Our Structure

We're the national charity helping people with the presently incurable immune system illness lupus. We support people affected by lupus through our Regional Groups and advise many others on the symptoms prior to diagnosis.

Who we are

The Trustees

Managing the charity's finances and ensuring LUPUS UK operates within the requirements of UK charity law. The Trustees govern the charity and meet four times in each year.

National Council

LUPUS UK's National Council includes representatives from each of the Regional Support Groups. They help to share important information to local members and contribute to LUPUS UK's planned activities through bi-annual meetings.

Medical Advisory Panel

LUPUS UK has appointed twelve prominent lupus specialists to advise on medical issues and on occasion to give expert opinion on grant applications which by their very nature are often scientific and complex. The twelve specialists cover a wide range of experience in lupus and allied conditions, and between them form an important part of the charity's strengths.

Helpful Links

If you would like to read the LUPUS UK constitution, please click below:


For access to our Annual Reports, please click on the link below:


The National Office

Paul Howard

Chief Executive

Chris Maker

Finance Manager

Christine Watkins

Publications Editor

Janine Hirsch

Fundraising Manager

Mary Philips

Admin Assistant

Chanpreet Walia

Social Media & Projects Officer

John Braybrook

Membership Officer

Rebecca Wilby

Trust Fundraising Officer

The Trustees

Kevin Weston


North Wales - Appointed to end May 2022

Yvonne Norton

Vice Chair

West Midlands - Appointed to end May 2021

David Hopkins


Devon & Cornwall - Appointed to end May 2023

Elaine Holland


North West - Appointed to end May 2021

Jan Roberts


North London - Appointed to end May 2021

Wendy Diment


Pembrokeshire - Appointed to end May 2023

Janet McComiskey


Strathclyde - Appointed to end May 2022

Sammy Ainsworth


North West - Appointed to end May 2023

Liz Mellon

Appointed Trustee

Essex - Appointed to end May 2021

Kim Opszala

Appointed Trustee

Bedfordshire - Appointed to end May 2022

Jamie Loden

Co-opted Trustee

Suffolk - Appointed to end May 2022