Blackrock Hydroxychloroquine Availability

Blackrock Hydroxychloroquine Availability

We are continuing to receive reports from people with lupus who are unable to obtain the specific version of hydroxychloroquine they need in order to avoid adverse reactions to the tablets. At the end of last week we received an update from Blackrock Pharmaceuticals.

Blackrock Pharmaceuticals have been informed of an increasing number of serious incidents from around the UK (both direct from patients and via LUPUS UK), that many patients prescribed the Blackrock version of hydroxychloroquine, are being told this product is out of stock. Blackrock has confirmed that this product has not been discontinued and is not out of stock. The product is available to pharmacies through major pharmaceutical wholesale suppliers Alliance Healthcare, Phoenix and DE Group using the Order code/PIP-Code 1169523.

Blackrock sent letters to UK wholesalers and Retailers last week confirming the full availability of their hydroxychloroquine tablets. You can access copies of these letters on their website HERE. They are also dealing with a number of individual requests on an ad hoc basis.

It does seem that the TEVA discontinuation (read more HERE) (who also supplied Blackrock hydroxychloroquine tablets in the UK) does seem to have been part of the issue. However, they have not been out of stock at all.

For more information about the different versions of hydroxychloroquine tablet available, please take a look at our article HERE.

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