“A Year Since Lockdown” Online Survey

“A Year Since Lockdown” Online Survey

It is one year since the first coronavirus national lockdown was introduced in the UK. We are supporting Cambridge University as they research to better understand how people with autoimmune rheumatic diseases, like lupus, have coped over the past year.

We would like to learn more about how you have coped, changes to your healthcare and your views on telephone appointments etc. We’re also interested in the impact of online peer support groups like the LUPUS UK HealthUnlocked Community Forum.

This study has been requested by rheumatologists and policy makers to help plan changes in care, policies and understand the patient-views, so is a great chance to get your voices heard!

The lead researcher, Melanie Sloan, and several of the research team have lupus or another autoimmune rheumatic disease, so will be very sympathetic to any challenges. Please do read the Patient Information Sheet for more information and contact Melanie if you have any questions on mas229@medschl.cam.ac.uk.

The survey is open to everyone over 18 and from any country if you have one of the disease types listed on the information sheet or are on the diagnostic journey.​

Thank you!



NOTE: For anyone in the LISTEN study, you will recently have completed a very similar questionnaire about COVID-19 and peer support. You are welcome to be in this larger study too and complete the survey but many of the questions are the same/similar, although some are new. 


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