Lupus and diet online survey

Lupus and diet online survey

Help influence a new research proposal

A group of researchers at University College London (UCL) are interested in how diet can influence the immune system (the body’s natural defense mechanism). They have found that certain foods are linked with harmful inflammation in the body and disease flares. They would like to find out whether altering the diet could have a beneficial effect on lupus by decreasing inflammation.

A greater knowledge of how diet has affected experiences of people with lupus would help them to understand the potential of a new and exciting idea that they believe could help to reduce disease severity. They hope their idea could reduce dependency on drugs.

Before they begin the research, they would like to find out from you whether you have any experiences with diet and lupus that could help improve their study.

All of the team at UCL Centre for Rheumatology Research and LUPUS UK would like to extend their thanks in advance for your time and support in completing the online survey which is open until 14th March 2020.


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