Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month takes place during October in the UK every year. It is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the disease amongst the public and medical profession as well as improving the understanding of the impact that lupus can have.

By making people more aware of lupus you can help control its impact. We need your help to raise awareness of lupus, its symptoms and the effects it can have on people's lives this Lupus Awareness Month.

The 2017 Lupus Awareness Month campaign will be using the hashtag #THISISLUPUS. The aim of the campaign is to make the invisible visible! We want to share photos, videos and stories from people affected by lupus around this theme. Is there a side of you that your friends or family don’t usually see? Have you been the victim of abuse from people who did not realise that you were unwell? Have you struggled to get people to understand how much you are affected by your lupus?
We want you to send us your experiences so that we can share them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can do this by tagging us, sending us a direct message, or emailing

We will be producing a video as part of the #THISISLUPUS campaign and want YOU to get involved. Learn more by clicking below;



This is the official Lupus Awareness Month poster for 2017.

The image in the poster was first used in 2012 and due to the fantastic response, we felt it was due a revival. It was designed by LUPUS UK member Karen Fox, to show those who think 'but you don't look sick' how it is impossible to see how someone may feel inside.

The idea was to show how impossible it is to comprehend what lupus or any chronic illness may feel like until it happens to you, not only in a physical way but also the mental and social implications of long-term illness. She felt the image needed to be hard-hitting, the same way as lupus can be so hard-hitting for those diagnosed.

All LUPUS UK members should have received a copy with their Summer edition of News & Views Magazine. If you require more they can be requested from our National Office or downloaded from below.

We encourage you to ask GP practices, hospital clinics, pharmacies, workplaces and anywhere else in your local community you can think of, to display these posters in the lead-up to October.


Adopt a Hospital

You could 'Adopt a Hospital' for Lupus Awareness Month and beyond by ordering the Display Stand and Bookmarks for display in your local hospital, rheumatology/lupus clinic. We would encourage you to keep in touch with these locations and ensure that the stand is always on display and there is a sufficient supply of leaflets. Please also try to get some of these boards located in your local shops, libraries, bookstores and any other location. Each board comes with a supply of bookmarks so just stand it up and insert the bookmarks - it just might be a good idea to ask first. To order your supplies, print and return the order form HERE or CONTACT US.

Let's ensure lupus awareness is all year round!

Join The Fight Against Lupus

There are loads of other ways that you can join the fight against lupus this Lupus Awareness Month.

1. If you'd like to take part in or sign up for a FUNDRAISING EVENT such as a Go That Extra Mile sponsored walk or Lunch4Lupus then please take a look at our Fundraising Page for ideas.

2. You could WEAR PURPLE for a day and encourage others to do the same to raise awareness of lupus. We have a range of purple LUPUS UK clothing available HERE.

3. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts leading up to and during Lupus Awareness Month.

4. You can order free supplies of awareness materials to display in your workplace, GP practice, pharmacy and local community from our Publicity Leaflet HERE.