Exciting times for lupus patients in the UK

This Lupus Awareness Month we are entering very exciting times for patients with lupus in the UK.

If you are on, or about to start a biologic treatment (such as rituximab or belimumab) check that your consultant has entered you into the British Isles Lupus Assessment Group Biologics Register (BILAGBR) (led from the University of Manchester). Participation in BILAGBR is recommended by NHS England who funds the use of these treatments. The BILAGBR allows your experiences of the treatment to be recorded and for scientists to gain a better understanding of the real-world use and safety of these drugs.

If you have lupus and have been newly diagnosed with lupus affecting your kidneys (lupus nephritis), ask your consultant for information on the Rituxilup trial. This trial is trying to understand whether early treatment with rituximab and avoiding oral steroids is as good as our current usual ways to treat lupus nephritis which always include oral steroids.

MASTERPLANS is a new study coming to a centre near you in the next few months. If your skin or kidneys are affected by lupus, talk to your consultant about whether you would be suitable to take part in this study. This is funded by the Medical Research Council and will seek to find ways to predict which drug will work best for an individual patient with SLE and help us move towards more personalised medicine.

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