Teva UK Ltd discontinues their hydroxychloroquine tablets

Teva UK Ltd discontinues their hydroxychloroquine tablets

We have just been informed that in April 2019 Teva UK Limited discontinued production of their version of the generic 200mg hydroxychloroquine tablets.

We have been provided with the following statement;
“We constantly review our product portfolio and look at the products that sit within it. This is something we do routinely and the decision to discontinue any product is made only where necessary, due to supply and demand. Please accept my apologies once again as we do fully understand the importance of all of our products to patients and this decision is never made lightly.”

It is important to note that Teva UK Limited are only one UK manufacturer of generic hydroxychloroquine tablets and we do not believe that this will have an impact on overall supply of the medication. However, some people with lupus may tolerate certain versions of the tablets better than others and therefore may have had “Teva-version only” specified on their prescriptions.

If you tolerated the Teva version of hydroxychloroquine better than others we would recommend you discuss with your doctor which alternative version may best suit you. For more information about the different versions of hydroxychloroquine tablet available, please take a look at our article HERE.


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