Vote for LUPUS UK in THE SUN’s Thanks a Million Competition

Vote for LUPUS UK in THE SUN’s Thanks a Million Competition

THE SUN is celebrating its 50th Birthday this year by donating £1million to small charities, like us!

Donations of up to £20,000 will be made to charities that fall under their six chosen categories:

  • Children and Young People
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Veterans
  • Animals and the Environment
  • Emergency Heroes
  • International Aid


LUPUS UK (Charity number: 1051610) can be nominated under Health and Wellbeing. 

How to nominate LUPUS UK:

Step 1: Visit THE SUN’s Thanks a Million page and scroll down to find their nomination form (pictured below)

Step 2:

Tick all three boxes and press ‘Next’. Fill out your name, address and phone number and give our charity details (LUPUS UK, charity no: 1051610).

Step 3:

Select ‘Health and Wellbeing’ as LUPUS UK’s category.

Step 4:

Write up to 400 words explaining what LUPUS UK does (below) and why it is close to your heart.

LUPUS UK is the only National Charity which supports people with the immune system illness Lupus. We have a number of groups throughout the UK and support over 5,000 members through these groups. We also provide funding for medical research into this life-threatening and debilitating illness. The purpose of the Charity is to relieve persons suffering from lupus and to advance the education of the public and the medical profession in all aspects of the disease. The Charity aims to fund one Specialist Lupus Nurse each year across the UK. LUPUS UK has regional groups across the UK all run by volunteers who hold regular meetings and events in local clinics, surgeries and hospitals creating awareness of lupus and its debilitating symptoms via informative literature. The Charity currently has seven LUPUS UK Centres of Excellence across England offering the highest quality of care to lupus patients and their families.

Step 5:

State how much funding the Charity needs and what the funding will do (below).

LUPUS UK would like to apply for £20,000 towards the provision of a Specialist Lupus Nurse at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, London costing £261,239 over a 5-year period. 

Key duties of  a Specialist Lupus Nurse include:

  • Running patient education clinics and drop-in sessions
  • Running ‘fatigue’ workshops (Almost 90% of people with lupus report experiencing fatigue, making it one of the most common symptoms.)
  • Providing advice through an email and telephone helpline
  • Assisting with lupus research
  • Providing longer patient appointments
  • Supporting local lupus groups


Nominations close on 18th December 2019. 


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